Words Are Powerful

Watch your words over your life. To me this is quite simple yet deeply profound. 

How many times have you stopped and actually thought about what you are saying?

Not just to others but ultimately to yourself.

Everything is vibration and words are super powerful in their vibration.

So as always to continue on with our 7 Days of Principle

Let’s really start to assess and decipher what we are actually saying.

Speak kindly to yourself. Do not let your inner spirit hear you talking badly about yourself. Yes we all have bad days but when you catch yourself on  a rant.

Stop and really tune in to what you are saying.

We, cast spells with our words, so always watch your words. Bring clear thought and clarity to how you speak to yourself and others.

Speak with integrity and authenticity.

The earth is voice activated, so be careful what you say.

Basically if there is someone that you do not like speaking to. Isn’t it better to just stop speaking to them all together, rather than getting into heated debates and nonsensical conversations.

Time is precious please don’t waste it speaking ill of others or even to them.

What are you listening to

This also goes for what you listen to. Because taking in the words of others is deeply impactful.

Be wary of what you watch and listen to.

Tune in to a higher frequency.

Listen and Learn

So to put it quite simply, I always go by the principle that

I believe you can speak things into Existence.

What are you speaking into existence?

Think about it.

Make sure that you are taking care of your thoughts when you are alone. And taking care of your words when you are with people.

The cells in your body react to everything you say, think about that for a miniute. How powerful is that.

Do you you, the real meaning of the word Abracadabra?

It is from the Aramaic Language meaning

I will create as I speak

As always

Love Saskia xxxx


Author: Saskia Loorea

I help people to Look Younger, Feel Younger, Have More Energy. In a genuine and holistic way, through my 7 days of Principle. I have successfully worked as a Holistic Health Coach, Yoga instructor and a fashion consultant for the last 30 years with a longstanding clientele, not necessarily always relying on my advice but appreciating my advice. And making incredibly big transformations in their life. With the understanding that everything takes time, with patience and dedication and passion.

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