My fundamental goal is to help you achieve.

Hello my name is Saskia.  I am a creator and facilitator and a long term devotee of all things that help us reach a state of being Just Naturally High.

I am the founder of Saskia Loorea 7 days of, which is a concept I founded which will encompass my lifelong dedication to health, nutrition, fitness- I am a Tracey Anderson devotee.

Yoga, fashion and everything I just love and adore.  There are just too many things  to list, that is why I have founded this concept.

7 days taps into the senses of both a spiritual and physical and mental completeness for the restoration of our health and wellbeing.

7 days is a weekly concept I founded in the pursuit of striving for the ultimate in our wellbeing, in all areas of our lives.

It is accessible to all and I am so honoured to be able to be take you on this journey of weekly life enhancing concepts.

My dedication to a weekly practice of Yoga, stillness, Tracey Anderson and having Trust in the process and my commitment to a healthy way of living, being and eating are an integral part of what I call a successful day in mine and my clients lives.

I never want to appear that I am telling you what to do but gently reaffirm what you consciously or subconsciously already know, so that we can

co-create your own amazing 7 days of abundant living.

Co-create your own amazing 7 days of abundant living™