Kiki Health

This is a Company that is at the forefront of providing the consumer with quality, beneficial and healing and nourishing products.

They really encompass my Business Model which is to Look Younger Feel Younger Have more Energy.

As my clients and anyone that knows me, I never endorse anything that I have not fully tried and tested myself. I research everything fastidiously and totally believe in only dealing with companies that have a good ethos, are kind, genuine and I know the chain line where the products are from.

To know and trust that what I put into mine and my client’s bodies are of paramount importance to me. The sources need to be pure, potent, and ethically sourced.

Because Kiki Healths philosophy is built into all of their products I am reassured of its purity and potency.

Knowing that there are no fillers, additives and binders in any of the products is exceptionally important. The packaging is stunning, amber glass for protection.

All of the products are amazing and I have just featured 4 here. Alternatively please feel free to give me a call on 07746749639 or email me at

Love Saskia xxx


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Disclaimer: I am in no way sponsored by Cult Beauty, Hybrid Herbs or Kiki Health.  I just love their ethos and range of products.