George Floyd

George Floyd 

Say, his name, and what does it conjure up for you?

I Can’t breathe

And, how does that make you feel?

It is, unfathomable that any one of us, or anyone that we know. Would ever ever, have to utter these words.

It is, truly chilling and my blood is boiling. My tears are constantly flowing, and my heart is broken.

There, has not been a day that goes by, since the 25th of May 2020.

 That, I have not thought of him and I cry and it makes me weak, and angry and so so hurt.

Of course this is not the first time I have felt like this. I have felt like this my whole life. And, I have spoken out and done a lot over the years in this constant fight.

But Today As the World unites we are FINALLY coming together.

The systematic killing of Black men and women, and children in America, and the rest of the world MUST END NOW

This Police brutality and then the fact that for decades they are not held accountable is an injustice. That any person in their right mind cannot but begin to agree, is an injustice. Not only to the person of colour but to the white race that is not standing up to this.

And, there we have the riots currently going on and all colours, races and religions are standing up against this.

Here, I sit in the UK. When, I should actually be in California right now, but because of Covid 19. I was evacuated out of New York in March. But, I tell you what. If I was in the USA right now. I would be there on the streets with everyone.

Not looting of course, but peacefully protesting.

I would not be scared and I would not just have sat in my hotel room just watching it all unfold on the propaganda news. Because, I am not and have never been afraid to speak out for what is wrong. And, I refuse to sit here now and do absolutely nothing about it. 

Doing everything I have in my power to spread the message, use my platform. Connect with people, and that is exactly what I have been doing all week. 

This is the time for the white people who truly care about these issues to do the work.

Don’t just sit and watch the news and flick through Instagram and say “ oh how awful for that poor black man, its so sad “ 

and just sit there and do nothing. 

Talk amongst your friends, sign petitions, volunteer, educate yourself on the history of racism. I mean really educate yourself. There are so many resources out there. Protest, call your black friends.

Do not just sit there in your privilege. Yes, it feels uncomfortable and foreign to you but how does it feel for, the Black marginalised people in history.


For, all the white people out there please educate yourself  on the Anti activist Jane Elliott.


America, is built on the blood of hatred. Australia, read your history. Know what land you walk on. 

They, put a system in place to keep the Black man down. They take the diamonds the resources, the gold. And then in 2020. With mobile phones around to document everything. They murder him and her in cold blood in the middle of the day. For the whole world to see. 

The only documentation they had back then was the fact they liked to stand around and take a photo of the black man, with a rope around his neck before they hung him. Just so they had a trophy. Go, go on and read about it, see the photos for yourself. 

But do not just sit there and do nothing.

There are petitions currently and phone numbers to call. It is all over the internet. Just google it. 

Instead of just sitting the and feeding the pockets of the parasite from Amazon, and ordering the next thing. Take some actual time for THIS. 

Call To Action

You truly are complicit if you just sit there and do nothing. Really. You are.

As those who sit in Sacred seclusion.

Every life that is sacred and this also goes for all sentient beings.

Where, I ask is the Sacred seclusion for the people around the world who walk out with the  fear of perhaps never seeing the end of the day just because


from fear of attack or death. 

I dedicate this to George Floyd and every single person recently and in the whole of history that has been slaughtered by the White man, just because of the colour of their skin.

I dedicate this to all my Indigenous brothers and sisters around the world. Who have been murdered for their land.

My Aboriginal brothers and sisters

My Native Americans

My South Americans

And still it goes on today. 

Not only do they murder the people but they murder the land, and all the other sentient beings. 

Point in case, the intentional burning of the lungs of the planet. The Amazon rainforest.

So, I cannot go into the whole race and race debate now. This, is a lifetimes work. And still I will keep on fighting until my last breathe.

Because I have breathe in my body today, as you do.

But, George Floyd, does not. Because that was taken away from him on Monday the 25th of May 2020.

Just because of the colour of his skin.

What BREATHE are you breathing today. Make sure it is good and worth it.

I have been doing Lacy Philips work for the past year now, so this post below is a truly trusted source. I have just donated.


It is not just about money but it still is. We have the resources the voice, the platforms. Many people do not.

As always love Saskia x