There, is more than One Virus in the World.

There, is a virus in the World. Have you heard about it?

It’s called RACISM

Before, the word “Social distancing” recently being used. Had many of us actually heard of this term?

Personally I , cannot say that I had. 

But, it makes me wonder. That, there has actually been this term and implementation in place our whole lives. 

How So you may ask?

When, as I will only go into today the fact of how. Social distancing has been effectively used for centuries in terms of race. 

The inhumane, slaughter and theft of the Black mans land, body and liberty has been a form of effective distancing.

Of what is perceived in the construct mind of the evils of the “White man” back in history to eliminate and distance from “ THEM “  the enemy the black man. As they saw.

 How ludicrous. How are the people of colour the enemy when it was the White Man that came charging in stealing, looting, raping, pillaging and murdering?

You want to distance yourself from other races. I see it very simply.

It is in effect a system to distance yourself from that which does not fit into the construct of your mind that is deemed fit to live.

Of course, I am not by any means diminishing the terrible effect the Corona Virus has had on everyone around the world. Or for instance the sadness that many millions have people have and continue to endure because of the deaths of loved ones.

I am just using the term “Social Distance” in more than one example.

Stay in your own land and leave every one else alone. Or if you want to go travelling and visiting the other lands. Well then just be kind, and hey this is a thought. Listen and learn about the other cultures. Do not murder because you feel superior to them. Who gave anyone that idea. Is preposterous. It is insane and only insane, evil and sick people can actually think that any of it is OK.

Distancing from thought

Separating you from having your own thought, so you don’t think for yourself and believe in a system that benefits them not you.

Do you not see it?

Wake up, nap time is over. 

This is a pivotal moment in time

I truly believe right now, that if you do not use this current pandemic to reflect really reflect and sit. Then you will face a pandemic of your own after. 

The lid will be lifted, but for how long? 

And what do you want to close the lid on?

This is the time to expand your mind and consciousness. 

History is being re written as we are forced to sit.

Now, is not the time to be silent and just sit there. And now is not the time to do nothing.

You, cannot any longer just sit on the sidelines.

And, un see and un hear what you have seen and heard.

How do you envision the future, we are all in? Or are you going to just sit on the sidelines and watch everyone else do the necessary hard work. In order to ensure we live in a better world?

The silence has been excruciating and now it is time. It has been shown that it is time.

Race, is a social construct that has been invented, to benefit the White man. There is no such thing as RACE.

Scientific research from Harvard and many other, and many other institutions. Show that Race is an Illusion.

For Example – Someone of European decent, might be genetically closer to an Asian person than, to someone else of European descent. 

As a species we all share 99.9% DNA with everyone, else on the planet.

With Race Not being a biological fact, what is it then?

It is a lie. A construct for instance in the Apartheid regime to show that the White man was superior to the Black man.

In Nazi Germany that the Jews were inferior to the Germans.

The Caste system in India. The darker you are the lower down the scale of what in their minds is acceptable.

This, has been a sophisticated system, of labelling and abhorrent lies. 

Race is a carefully constructed system

It is a Social Construct

Only being invented, to be used for the gains of privilege and power. 

And who for. Well, look around you, it is not exactly hard to guess. 

As the late, great Dr Martin Luther king said

The time is always right to do what is right

You, can never say that you did not know. Unless you are hiding under a rock, then what are you going to do with your privilege.

What are you going to do?

How are you going to speak out?

Are you going to educate yourself?

Will we treat our fellow brothers and sisters, of any colour, sexuality, with decency and respect?

Will you just continue going around and existing in this world. Only caring about yourself and your immediate family.

We are all one, we are all connected

Stop being selfish, look outside of yourself and integrate yourself in what the heck is going on.

You are not here to just exist in your own comfortable bubble. Because what effects me effects you. 

And, the day of your o’h so comfortable bubble is about to burst. In fact it has burst already.

Because, when you truly honestly think that what is happening out there is “ not my problem”

It actually is your problem.

I of course am not stating that what I have just written above applies to you the reader, individually. What I am stating is for the ones who are committing the acts of racism, who obviously are not reading this. I am stating this as a construct as a whole and in general.

Justice and Equality

Do not be complicit and just sit in your silence. It will eventually eat you up. 

That is if you have an ounce of consciousness and decency.

I am so sorry to tell you, but oh it is. You may not feel it today, but you will feel it tomorrow. Karma.

I, am the living hope of all my ancestors.

What are you living for?

This is a time of collective consciousness and awakening of truth

It is so unfortunate, that most of you out there do not want to even challenge your thinking. 

You, are so comfortable sat in your privilege of

“ unthinking “

That, it does not even occur to you to think about anything except yourselves, and your immediate circle.

Anything, outside of that is too uncomfortable and confronting.

So, well life just plods on and you just keep going in your one directional viewpoint. Without, speaking up for what is right or wrong and challenging this messed up system.

And, why?


Because, the system is designed for you and it is comfortable. So, why would you challenge something that suits you and is comfortable for you and your inner circle.

Well, I hate to tell you. Not really. 

I am pleased to say that the systems are crumbling. And, what you thought was comfortable. Is no longer going to be.

The seat at “the table” is literally being toppled, like the statue of Edward Colston, and other statues, and despicable figures. Being, toppled around us.

I am a Force for Change

Always going to speak up for what is right and wrong. 

Let me ask you a final question and thought for the day.

What are you doing with your privileged life?

Are You going to be our White Ally, or just sit in your white privilege and watch from the sidelines?

Please, do not get on your high horse either about White and Black. Because I am both.

This, is about what is Right and Wrong

Simple as that.

It is time for us to create our own narratives, our own representation. And tell our own unique and individual stories. It is time for us to wake up to the collective consciousness. And be present in this most important and seismic shift.

It is happening right now, under your feet. And if you do not wake up to it, the ground is literally going to fall away, right under your feet.

The colonial mindset, needs to be abolished.


Leaving, it here, I remain your forever


With love as always Saskia x