Coaching - I like to call it assisting

Coaching is a way of me assisting you in the areas of your life that you are currently unmotivated in, stuck, uninspired, exhausted in or you just need a gentle nudge and friendly guidance with.

I have successfully assisted many people, wether they were teenagers, men, women young, older on their road back to abundant health.  Not only have I assisted my clients in the field of Nutrition, I have also guided them with their goals and visions in all areas of their life.

My approach is very different in that there is no timeline for my coaching packages. This is because we are all individuals with different life experiences and we are all starting at different ages and stages of our lives.

Wether that is in the areas of health, wealth, spirituality, relationships, stress levels, it all contributes to where we are today and how it has led us up to this point in time.

Everything is so individual and each of us is so precious and so is our individual make up.  Therefore what I offer is tailor made specifically.

We start from where you are and discuss where you would like to go.  We are all on an amazing journey and, Yes of course we all face challenges of some sort or the other in our life time, but it is how we deal with the challenges that matter most in the way it affects our health and mental wellbeing.

My aim is to bring you back to your awareness and I am committed to the process of building the vision you have for your life.

Meetings, are via Skype or face to face and I offer more phone support as I believe in a more personal approach.

My belief is that we have lost our touch with communication on a human level and that has impacted greatly on us as a society today.  Where has the simplicity of picking up the phone and hearing a warm friendly voice gone, eye contact, discussions over dinner without phone distractions. People have allowed themselves to be dominated by their phones and this is a sad indictment of our society.

I believe in speaking to people and actually hearing what they are saying.  This cannot be articulated as well via a text or an email which often times can be misconstrued especially when someone is going through a really difficult time in their lives.

So if you want to have a different approach in areas of your life like

Health Goals

Mind Shifts

What your current lifestyle routine is

Self Love and Awareness

Body Awareness

and other areas that we can discuss please pick up the phone.  All my details are on the contact page