Image Consultancy Working from the Inside Out

I have been into Fashion for as long as I have been into Nutrition and my healthy lifestyle.  I was always drawn to the amazing evolution of fashion and I just adore the beautiful quality and cuts of certain outfits and being able to put on an amazing outfit just feels beautiful.

It was an organic transition into the business of helping people with styling as I was always being asked what I was wearing by both men and women.  Another layer of my business is to help people




Once we had addressed and maintained a steady programme for their health it was a natural process to follow with an image overhaul.  My services are aimed at my clients who had lost weight and their clothes no longer fit and they were feeling so amazing that it was essential to purchase new clothes and accessories.

Some of my clients have been too time poor to go shopping with me so with the amazing onset of Internet Shopping and my excellent eye I spend time researching outfits that I sense they will like with criteria in mind.

Researching magazines, latest trends and Fashion shows have been something I just love doing.  Some people are confused as to how to put things together and this is where I help them.

I have helped Busy Professionals, Corporates, new mums, people from all walks of life.  Are they looking for comfort, a special occasion, everyday outfits, an upcoming holiday or special event?

It is a thoroughly exciting journey especially when my clients have worked so hard to change their physical and mental state, they naturally just want to look amazing.

It is always about what suits them and not what looks good on someone else just because it is advertised in a magazine.  It is about regaining a confidence in themselves which they may never have had before due to issues we have worked on.

I always aim to bring out the best in a person.  I aim to make style accessible to all regardless of age, size and budget.  It is our birthright to feel amazing, without any criticism from anyone.  To walk proudly in who you are.

Ultimately I want to work with you from the inside out which is firstly achieved by what we put into our bodies and then we will work on the outside.

You can have the most amazingly expensive and luxurious outfits in the world but if you are in pain on the inside and walking in fear, negativity, frustration and anger every single day how does that serve you.

There are many layers to this from the Nutrition, Fashion my other passions and extensive knowledge are skin and body products.  It is so exciting to know that so many men are into this as well and we are living in a time where we are so lucky to have all of this available to us.  I am filled with excitement every day with this journey and I am really looking forward to enjoying it with you.

Ultimately I want to work with you from the inside out which is firstly achieved by what we put into our bodies and then we will work on the outside.