So, what exactly does it mean to be in Flow?  Well, actually exactly as the word states. 

A, flow state, as in being in the zone.

Having an energised focus

Fully, involved and being in complete absorption in what you are currently doing.

In, light of the current worldwide situation with the Corona Virus. If there ever was a time to be in Flow the time is now.

Corona Virus

This virus, has certainly and is affecting every single person worldwide.

So, What to do?

So, what are we all to do in a time like this. 


This is a word that keeps coming back to me time and time again. This is a word that I was using before this pandemic. 

There is more than one way to flow.


Is this the only thing that we can do now?


There, is always a deeper meaning towards, what is a disruption in our lives. In whatever form that chooses, to rear its ugly head.

Come together and Flow

So, I truly believe that this is a time for us to really, go inward and flow with the tide that life is showing us.

Let us not swim against the tide. Let us not drown in negativity and fear mongering, and pessimism. But come together in our beings and flow with the tide of life. Come together as a collective worldwide union.

I personally cannot see any other way. 

So in closing.

Be in a constant state of FLOW and see where life will takes us.

I will be discussing more about the Corona Virus, in the days and I suppose weeks to come.

I really would welcome any discussions and suggestions, and what you are all doing to protect your




in these current times.

Please feel free to leave any suggestions and tips in the comments below. Even in supposed self isolation, we are truly blessed to have a platform in which we can share. Let us do this with thoughtfulness, integrity and through our collective voices.

Wherever we are in the world, we truly are all one.

With love and kindness as always

Saskia xxx


Author: Saskia Loorea

I help people to Look Younger, Feel Younger, Have More Energy. In a genuine and holistic way, through my 7 days of Principle. I have successfully worked as a Holistic Health Coach, Yoga instructor and a fashion consultant for the last 30 years with a longstanding clientele, not necessarily always relying on my advice but appreciating my advice. And making incredibly big transformations in their life. With the understanding that everything takes time, with patience and dedication and passion.

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  • Amazing! I really believe in the Flow studies. Hopefully more and more ppl become aware of that state of being. Thank you for your words shared!

    • Yes Luisa, even though I wrote this piece some months ago. It is ever more present for todays current situation, that we are all experiencing around the world. I do hope that you are well and flowing through life with grace, peace and ease. Much love and kindness xxx