George Floyd

George Floyd 

Say, his name, and what does it conjure up for you?

I Can’t breathe

And, how does that make you feel?

It is unfathomable that any one of us, or anyone that we know, would ever have to utter these words.

It is truly chilling and my blood is boiling. My tears are constantly flowing, and my heart is broken.

25th of May 2020

Not a day has gone by since without me crying.

Without me thinking of him and I cry again and again, and it makes me weak, angry and so so hurt.

Of course this is not the first time I have felt like this. I have felt like this my whole life. And I have spoken out and done a lot over the years in this constant fight against racism and discrimination.

But today, as the world unites, we are FINALLY coming together.

The systematic killing of Black men, women and children in America and the rest of the world MUST END NOW.

This Police brutality and then the fact that for decades they are not held accountable is an injustice. That any person in their right mind cannot but begin to agree, is an injustice. Not only to the person of colour but to the white race that is not standing up to this.

And, there we have the riots currently going on and all colours, races and religions are standing up against this.

Here, I sit in the UK. When I should actually be in California right now, but because of Covid 19 I was evacuated out of New York in March. But, I tell you what… If I was in the USA right now, I would be there on the streets with everyone.

Not looting of course, but peacefully protesting.

I would not be scared and I would not just have sat in my hotel room just watching it all unfold on the propaganda news. Because I am not and have never been afraid to speak out for what is wrong. And I refuse to sit here now and do absolutely nothing about it. 

Doing everything I have in my power to spread the message, use my platform and voice. Connect with people, and that is exactly what I have been doing all week. 

This is the time for the white people who truly care about these issues to do the work.

Don’t just sit and watch the news and flick through Instagram and say “oh how awful for that poor black man, it’s so sad”…

…and just sit there and do nothing. 

Talk amongst your friends, sign petitions, volunteer, educate yourself on the history of racism. I mean really educate yourself. There are so many resources out there. Protest, call your black friends.

Do not just sit there in your privilege. Yes, it feels uncomfortable and foreign to you but how does it feel for the Black marginalised people in history?


For all the white people out there please educate yourself on the Anti-racism activist Jane Elliott.


America, is built on the blood of hatred. Australia, read your history. Know what land you walk on. 

They, put a system in place to keep the Black man down. They take the diamonds the resources, the gold. And then in 2020. With mobile phones around to document everything. They murder him and her in cold blood in the middle of the day. For the whole world to see. 

The only documentation they had back then was the fact they liked to stand around and take a photo of the black man, with a rope around his neck before they hung him. Just so they had a trophy. Go, go on and read about it, see the photos for yourself. 

But do not just sit there and do nothing.

There are petitions currently and phone numbers to call. It is all over the internet. Just search it. 

Instead of just sitting there and feeding the pockets of the parasite from Amazon and ordering the next thing, take some actual time for this research into the history of racism

Call To Action

You truly are complicit if you just sit there and do nothing. Really! You are!

As are those who sit in sacred seclusion.

Every life that is sacred and this also goes for all sentient beings.

Where, I ask, is the sacred seclusion for the people around the world who walk out with the fear of perhaps never seeing the end of the day just because


from fear of attack or death. 

I dedicate this to George Floyd and every single person recently and in the whole of history who has been slaughtered by the White man, just because of the colour of their skin.

I dedicate this to all my Indigenous brothers and sisters around the world. Who have been murdered for their land.

My Aboriginal brothers and sisters

My Native Americans

My South Americans

And still it goes on today. 

Not only do they murder the people but they murder the land, and all the other sentient beings. 

Point in case, the intentional burning of the lungs of the planet. The Amazon rainforest.

So, I cannot go into the whole race and race debate now. This is a lifetime’s work. And still I will keep on fighting until my last breath.

Because I have breath in my body today, as you do.

But George Floyd does not. Because that was taken away from him on Monday the 25th of May 2020.

Just because of the colour of his skin.

What BREATH are you breathing today?

Make sure it is good and worth it.

I have been doing Lacy Philips’ work for the past year now, so this post below is a truly trusted source. I have just donated.

Please donate what you can

It is not just about money but it still is. We have the resources, the voice, the platforms. Many people do not. This is also about donating your time to educate yourself. Talk with others, spread the word of love and unity and non divisiveness.

Let us use our Collective Voice together. George and the billions of my ancestors, my brothers and sisters, who have been murdered no longer have a voice. That has been stolen from them because of the colour of their skin, and the theft and decimation of their land and resources.

This by a White Man who is full of hatred and greed. This is how it started.. They had dreams and aspirations. You and I have dreams and aspirations which we can still fulfil. Because we are still here and breathing.

Below is one of the most sickening things I have EVER READ IN MY LIFE.

Read it and let me know how that makes you feel?

My blood is boiling, my body is shaking and my tears are flowing.

Now, please tell me what you are going to do about this. Now you have read everything, now you cannot unsee the horrors you are witnessing, and now you have heard everything.

You knew before, and if you did not, then now is the time to act quickly.

You cannot, you should not and you will not go back to your lives and think

Oh that just happens to them, what has it got to do with me?

It has everything to do with you.

We are all connected. Every single person on this planet. We, are all spiritual beings, having a human experience. And if you have not worked it out during this time of Corona Virus isolation. I urge you to dig deep into the depths of your soul and walk your true and connected path.

As always love saskia x


Author: Saskia Loorea

I help people to Look Younger, Feel Younger, Have More Energy. In a genuine and holistic way, through my 7 days of Principle. I have successfully worked as a Holistic Health Coach, Yoga instructor and a fashion consultant for the last 30 years with a longstanding clientele, not necessarily always relying on my advice but appreciating my advice. And making incredibly big transformations in their life. With the understanding that everything takes time, with patience and dedication and passion.

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  • WOW. Thank you SO much Saskia for your powerful, passionate and insightful words. And most importantly for offering the resources for people to re-educate themselves and take action right now! It is our duty as human beings to help one another and it starts with LOVE.

    • Dear Olivia, I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to read my Blog. I always write from my heart and the very core and depth of my soul. I love you my sister, and we will stand up to this with LOVE and education. With love as always xxx

  • Thank you Saskia for this thought-provoking post. And thank you for the resources. I will commit to educating myself more and to being a true ally and speak up and act where I can be of service.

    • It is never too late to learn and to speak up. What you have done this week, is the first step in making immense changes. You will not have realised it as of yet, but it will bring about changes you would not have seen coming. And that is because you as a white woman, have spoken up against what is unjust. I will be fighting alongside you all and making the world open their eyes and hearts and minds. To realise we are all connected. And, that when I do harm to others, I actually do harm to myself. No matter the colour of someones skin. I thank you for commenting and I send you much love, xxx

  • Thank you Saskia for writing such a powerful post. As a white woman I know that I have a duty to actively educate myself to be anti-racist and speak out as an ally to the black community! My heart is breaking. Thank you for sharing and for providing informative resources.

    • My dearest Hannah, I cannot thank you enough for reading and commenting on my post. It is so imperative that white women and white people deeply understand the severity of the Historical and systematic racism that has been allowed to seep into the very essence of our society. My heart lifts each time I hear and see the positivity and inclusion coming from the white society. This should not even have to be a ” thing ” that we write about. Oh I am black and you are white. But because of the horrendous and systemic abuse of my ancestors. We are still here today in 2020, dealing with these issues. But, if it was not for people as yourself standing up with us. It will take much longer. I do have hope and I know the tide is turning for the betterment of us all in the world. Much love xxx

  • Thank you so much it does breaks my heart to see what has happened over the years and I am so proud of you of you to not be afraid and using your voice myself included. Education is key and to help people understand all the pain and torment that has happened over hundreds of years. Standing with you all the way. Xxxxx

    • Dearest Lydia, you are a true example of a friend and a woman with one of the kindest hearts I know. Your, true empathy and understanding for all people is outstanding. And I thank you so much for standing with us against the fight to end RACISM. I have absolutely no fear to stand up for what is right. I have to. My ancestors were slaughtered so imagine the fear they had. I cannot go about my daily life without them always being at the forefront of my mind. Much love to you xxx

  • I can’t add anything to what’s been said other than the brutality has to end NOW!!! This is an extremely powerful post.

    • Yes, absolutely the brutality has to end now. I am part of the Movement that will bring this systematic racial abuse down. While, I still have the privilege of having BREATHE in my body, I will not rest a day on this earth until justice has been done for my ancestors. For my Aboriginal brothers and sisters, for my Maori brothers and sisters and my Native American brothers and sisters, All Indigenous tribes around the world. And all the people in the world who face harassment because of their sexuality or disability. I am with them every step of the way. And I will fight any and every injustice. Much love Terri, and thank you for your support xxx

  • This is such a powerful declaration. I am grateful to this because it has confirmed what I believe about us as black people. Our history and culture is beautiful beyond words and measure. The most powerful force on earth is the united community of black people. When the black man and black woman look into the eyes of their brother and sister and see the reflection of love, our world will transform. We will be able to reclaim our lost identity. What is our lost identity? Our identity is simply dignity, self respect, courage, humility, love, creative energy, powerful expression. These fruits of the spirit is our true nature. We can stand united and fight for our lost brothers and sisters.

    • Thank you for acknowledging my powerful declaration. I always write from the heart. And goodness know, I am all heart. Being an empath and dealing with the cruelty of this world is harsh. But, through my sensitivities I really tune in to the hurt and pain of all. It is a burden to carry. But, I must speak out. I truly appreciate you taking the time to read what I have written.