If you want to get a lot done then learn to take time off

Highly productive people understand the importance of taking regular breaks and having time to rest and relax to avoid burning out.

Clarity How important is whatever it is to you

Change the narrative of your story

Power of stillness and silence

When your whole being is aligned you cannot mess with your vibes

Find what you love and are connected to.  What resonates.

Want your freedom more than you want fear, I mean who wants fear anyway

Success in general terms means achieving something worth achieving, as opposed to not achieving it.  What success means to you and in your life is obviously up to you

Your fundamental goal is to fulfil your potential and in doing so to help others to do the same.  What matters is working to get as close as you can to fulfilling your potential and the sense of honest pride, satisfaction and joy you get by doing so.

Reconnect with your core values, integrity, kindness, truth, acceptance, openness and thoughtfulness.

Health is not just about what you are eating, its about what you are thinking and saying.  Being vibrantly present. My whole ethos is to make women feel better about themselves not worse.

At a certain age women should not feel like they are invisible.

Importance of daily rituals.  It should not feel like work to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


I never teach what I am not living.  A wellness enthusiast. I live my life this way so that I can live just the way I want to.  Happy, healthy and blessed, abundant in mind, body and spirit.

When you follow your heart you find the fountain of youth.

I do not teach what I am not walking in.


The no7 is deeply connected with our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual lives.

The information I give is not just regarded as information but transformation.

Which brands I trust and love.  Books I read.

Being a mentor is not necessarily about having more experience but about being able to conceptualise and  offer another layer of meaning.

Minimalism to me is not about having nothing, its about consuming the right amount and having the right amount for me

Lifestyle Designer

Emotional Hygiene

Be naturally You

Rest and replenish and allow your potential to manifest itself

Ready to move your interest to your lifestyle?