Liquid Tobacco Ceremony

I have, and will always be a seeker and truly believe in upleveling your life and trying new things. Whatever that may be. But, that is always aligned with my higher spiritual values.

So, earlier this year before my scheduled trip to London in June, I came across a fabulous place called The Mandrake in London and saw that they provided a wonderful selection of different spiritual practices. 

Booking, in for the Gong Bath. Never actually ever having had one before.

And was not entirely sure what it was. This being the reason I wanted to try it. 

I truly believe in trying as many things as you possibly can in life. Otherwise what is the purpose. We are here to evolve and that means getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing all that life has to offer.

This has always been my nature and my path and I love love love it. 


The day before the Gong Bath I had a call from the lady organising it saying it was cancelled. Truly, I must say getting to this stage in my life and with my deepened spiritual practice.

Learning, to not attach too much and live in any disappointment. As the reason for everything, no matter how big or small, frustrating or disappointing it may seem to be at the time. Always, always reveals itself to have a higher and deeper meaning.

It is a practice, but that is part of the human experience

You, just need to allow yourself to flow with the nature of life and what it presents to you at any given moment. It is a challenge at times. But, being in the awareness of it truly helps.

And, here is what presented itself.

She said even though the Gong bath had been cancelled. That, same evening but in a different part of town there was a Liquid Tobacco Ceremony. 

She asked me if I had done one before and I said no I had not. 

42 Acres Shoreditch

My first response was naively, o’h I do not smoke and secondly is it going to make me high. Previously, spending many years getting high, that is not how I live my life now. I only live my life getting Naturally High. It truly is a much more pleasurable state as you can remember what on earth you have done. But, this is a story and boy do I have some stories on that. For, another time. 

Of course, I was excited to go and said yes.

Erika Gagnon

As mentioned before, I am all in for trying new things and experiences.

A, gong bath is something I could, do again but the experience with Erika Gagnon is not something you can do every time as she lives in Canada.

What a blessing and an honour it was to be present, at this truly life enhancing and changing event. 

It, was held at the stunning space that is 42 Acres in Shoreditch. 

Healing Wisdom of the Americas

Erika, was welcoming and the 3 hour event was just wondrous. It was a lovely size group and fantastic to be around like minded people.

Erika Gagnon Wisdom Keeper and Ceremonial Leader

This was a healing talk that was focused, on the traditional wisdom and ceremonies of the Americas. She taught us about the sacred plant medicines, sacred altars, ancestral lineages and the origins of Dis-ease in our physical, mental and spiritual bodies.

How, to transmute toxic thoughts and destructive energies in ourselves. Things, I have been teaching my clients for years. But, is was just beautiful to be able to sit, and listen to her wisdom.

Create Space

As, she shared her personal healing practices. She taught us how we can incorporate them into our daily lives.

Especially, in these modern very testing times. Which are proving to be incredibly testing for many people.

You, did not have to have the traditional South American Liquid Tobacco, if you did not want to, it was entirely up to you. I of course did. This is called “Singado”

We, also worked with “ Nicotina Rustica”, which is commonly known as “Mapacho”.

What, this does is help to heal, cleanse and release old blockages. Traumas and unhealthy patterns and memories.

Sacred Liquid Tobacco

Tobacco, is one of the most powerful native plant medicines. But unfortunately as with so much else it has been abused. Not only have the people from all these traditions been horrifically abused, murdered, stolen from.

But their sacred practices have been desecrated by the horrors of history. 

Having, always had a truly deep deep affinity with all indigenous cultures around the world especially the Aboriginals and Native Americans.

This totally resonates with me in truth and harmony.

As with any herb, plant, tincture it should and only ever be used with a deepened respect and with a healing intention.

What this sacred plant medicine does is to offer 




As, it realigns our mind, body and spirit. 

So, many people today are so out of alignment on every level. Morally, spiritually and physically, and mentally.

It, seems that we are in a society where people escape with alcohol, drugs and social media. When, this is taken to the level of it becoming a tool in which you need to rely on, the outcome is and always will have a truly negative impact on your mental and spiritual wellbeing. 

By, not doing the work on yourself, whatever you are taking in will do the work for you.

If, that is of a toxic nature, unfortunately there will always be a price to pay.

We, are given this beautiful human experience as souls. Please make it count by doing that which serves your highest good.

Thus, in turn we can help each other instead of tearing each other down.

Thank you, Erica for honouring me with your beautiful presence and your gift to me. I took the liquid tobacco with great gratitude and feel truly blessed for having been able to receive this gift.

What gift are you giving to yourself and others today and every day?

As always love Saskia xxx


Author: Saskia Loorea

I help people to Look Younger, Feel Younger, Have More Energy. In a genuine and holistic way, through my 7 days of Principle. I have successfully worked as a Holistic Health Coach, Yoga instructor and a fashion consultant for the last 30 years with a longstanding clientele, not necessarily always relying on my advice but appreciating my advice. And making incredibly big transformations in their life. With the understanding that everything takes time, with patience and dedication and passion.