It is not just the food you are eating, it is the environment you are assimilating that also truly affects your physical, mental health and future.

Food is information it tells every cell in your body what to do, with every single bite. Love yourself enough to stop hurting yourself.

Nutrition is not just about food it is about feeding your soul.

It is not about me giving you all the right answers, it is about giving you the thirst for questioning that which you actually inherently know and then in turn for them to go away and figure it out for themselves.

Cravings are just a wake-up call to say that something in your life is out of balance.

Primary food is nourishment, the four core primary foods are





When these areas are balanced food is secondary.

More balance encourages more synchronicity.

The disease is caused by a mind that is not at ease.

I am not entirely sure if most people are in interested in how food actually affects them but just how to cook it and what to eat. We are bio- individuals, one person’s food is another person’s poison.

I live and breathe this lifestyle.

Energy is so precious.

Ask yourself – How do I feel after eating certain types of food or beverages.

Food is what creates our body, our tissues, our thoughts and feelings.  Have a spiritual and grateful connection with your food.  Prepare it with love.

A lot of people medicate themselves with food to alter their mood, in a generally unconscious way.

Health is a birthright.  The foundation of everything is Health.  It is not just about eating well it is Self Care that should be of utmost importance.  When you care for yourself deeply you are able to show up in the world in a big way.

Waiting 20 minutes after consuming fresh juice is something I have been doing for years.  It is because after this time the nutrients are working in your arteries and veins.  The absorption rate of juice is 99%.

Honey is one of the most highest vibrational foods on the planet.

Do we really need to read another self-help book unless we make it actionable?

Fear causes inflammation in the body.

An acidic body creates mucus, acid burns cells.

It is not just about what you are putting in your body it is about what you are getting rid of.

How I live is a lifestyle.

The aim is to feel Naturally High.  To feel a level of vitality you have never felt before.

CHEW- when you chew your food properly you actually increase your energy because the food is digested properly. If your body is not overwhelmed with the process of digestion you, in turn, have more energy.

A healthy person does not need to eat and drink all the time.

You are your own science experiment, my job is to get you to think and trust your gut.

Eat only when hungry.

Every 3 days we replace the entire lining of our digestive tract.

Cause and Effect.

Spend in a healthy way.  SPENDING can mean a multitude of things.  Spend on- money, time, relationships, exercise, social media, talking, in fact everything.

Do not get stuck in rules.

Health is about right here right now

I teach people to listen intently to what they are saying to themselves.  What are those around you saying to you.  How is that impacting you?

I believe in rotation.  Rotating my foods.  Giving my body and mind an abundance and array of different nutrients every single day.  Including supplements.

Many people do not want to face their food or do the work to figure out what brings them into balance and do not give me the excuse that you do not have time.  You absolutely have time if you want a better way of life, after all, it is pretty simple, when you feel Naturally High you can get so much more done that is of value to your life, instead of focusing on things that really add not value to your life which then causes and internal and external conflict because you are terribly unhappy.

It is not my job to prescribe a regime, but to guide my clients into safe experimentation so that we can discover what works best for you.

You are more enlightened when you are not living in fear.

Self- Understanding is the key to life.

It takes about 3-4 hours to digest our food.

Ask yourself about the choices you are making are they supporting you or not, not just with food but with absolutely everything in your life.

When the fat cells become saturated the next place it likes to go is the brain.  The brain is fat soluble and it takes up fat-soluble chemicals.

I am always raising the bar so that I can constantly be a better shining example to my clients.  I take absolute honour and pride in my dedication to live a healthier lifestyle.

I provide a relaxed and safe space for my clients

What we Focus on






Hunger can often be confused for dehydration

People are walking around in a chronic state of stress

You do not have to do everything all at once initially

Eat and live in an empowered state of being.

When visiting look in their fridges and closets and cupboards

Maintaining a healthy weight is not just about food.  What else is weighing you down- CLUTTER, RELATIONSHIPS, PEOPLE

Your relationship with food reflects your relationship with yourself and how worthy you feel for nourishment

Wellness advisor

I am transforming daily into the highest version of myself

Most people do not know there is another level of life.  THERE IS ALWAYS ANOTHER LEVEL

People have too many things that are irritating them and not enough things in their life that are nourishing them

If you do not want to react to your food then make sure you are digesting it properly

Remove all irritants- food, people, places etc

If I am going to ask you to give something up, do you understand what you are going to gain in return?

Food imprints our cells with information

Every cell in our body is replaced every 7 years Our lives are stored in our cells

We pay the doctor to make us healthy, we should be paying the Farmer more to keep us healthy

Do not be concerned about how something tastes.  Do you want the bad taste of the medicine or your ailment

I do not ask the WHY questions

People seem to know more about the world of celebrity than they actually do about what goes into theirs and their children food

Wellness takes time it just depends on where you are starting from.  Everything we eat becomes us on a cellular level. Everything you have eaten in your life makes up your body today.  Food does not just pass through us, it is absorbed and assimilated on a deep level.





Simple, yet life-changing additions to what you eat.  No one wants to be preached about in limiting themselves.  My aim is to inspire and excite people.


I have a deep desire to create beauty on the plate as well as the palate.  Foods to test amazing and work synergistically to heal and nourish your physical form, brain function and spirit at the deepest level. This is not about abstaining or removing things from your life but an introduction to introducing the amazing into your life.  I want people to experience radical shifts with foods that can be healing as well as recognising what is empowering to your system.  I will be there to guide you on your journey to regaining health and vitality.  Let your body learn and grow and adapt with joy.  As you feed yourself with plants, good fats, protein, minerals and enzymes, you will feel inspired and satiated on very fundamental levels and begin to settle into a state of emotional wellbeing that you will not want to disrupt once you are in a state of being Naturally High.

There is a romance in rituals.  Cosmic energy lures you into a world of health.  Igniting your intuition, radiance and inspiration.

BECOME YOUR OWN ALCHEMIST- start to train your brain and palate to be your alchemist

Thrive in a way that you never thought possible.  It takes some time to find my voice and the strength to walk a path that was not always clear and regarding in the beginning. You need to have faith and trust that a better version of health and happiness is available to you.

What works for you and what works against you.  It is a lifelong quest for practices that help you thrive and that also give you pleasure.  Food can be enchanting.

Have you forgotten what true health and happiness is?

The foods I choose to change the nature of my thoughts and what creates my reality. Over time it becomes clearer that much of my personality and attachments to certain struggles that have held me back from bliss has a lot to do with what I have been experiencing on a cellular level.

Health is not a fixed state but an enriching and lifelong journey. There is no need to reach crisis point before making a choice to live more consciously.

Step into your power and feel responsible for your health.

Simplicity is exquisite. Beauty is not just a regimen but a state of grace.  We are beautiful when we are healthy, happy, loving, HIGH FUNCTIONING and vital.

We are made of thought, light, food, feelings and fluid.

Thrive at the very core of your being

All my preparations are a ceremony and ritual

This way of living gives you the experience to have profound internal changes.  If you can do anything to improve a persons lifestyle the first thing should be to eliminate sugar.

Consistency is key, to your health, beauty and your word


Bespoke Programmes

Common issues I target are

Sleep enhancement

Stress, anxiety and relaxation


Optimal Weight

Life stage transitions

Look Younger Feel Younger Have more Energy

Detox and cleansing

Maintaining your health


Glowing skin

Weight loss

Portion Control


Energy boosting

Strengthened immune system



Increased sense of vitality

Our bodies carry unexpressed emotion, unresolved traumas, and repressed issues.  Locked away emotions can wreak havoc and manifest themselves as adverse symptoms.

The key to this being a success lies in what is really an initial achievable routine or schedule for your lifestyle at the present moment.

Sugar inflames your gut

Training the mind to think differently.  When people are not healthy they are usually looking for any reason to avoid the effort.

I get my clients to understand that this is a commitment and to identify the end result that they are striving for.  What are their needs and desires?  Hold themselves accountable and I will help them reach their goals.  Reconnect them to their intentions. It is never about deprivation. I am here for inspiration.

Work out whether we would be a good fit to work with

Most ideas and theories are based on experience and opinion, so much so that e come to view opinions and judgements as facts.  Since we are all having our own experience, how can we know what is fact and what is an opinion?

Our reality is largely made up of our perceptions and beliefs, not facts.

You are not what stories you tell yourself, you are not what you think or how you feel, you are what you do.  Your actions not just your thoughts, bring you to your goals.  Its all about commitment and consistency.

Make informed choices about your health.

I am not super rigid in my approach, but value pleasure as wellness, rather than restriction. Adding in AMAZING-NESS, rather than taking things out.

I follow what I am interested in and I ultimately follow my passion.  I personally am obsessed with rituals.  I check in with myself throughout the day, especially at the end of the day. Centring rituals.  Holding myself accountable.


Do not sacrifice a healthy mind in pursuit of the perfect body. You can eat all the healthy food in the world, but if your mind is obsessing over that slice of pizza you ate last week, what good is that.

We eat the way we live, how we eat is also how we spend money, time, love and energetic resources.

How you get there is who you will be when you arrive, and there is no THERE

Many people view cravings as weaknesses but they are really important messages in that they guide you to maintain balance.  When you experience a craving, deconstruct it and ask yourself what is it that my body needs right now.

Take ownership of your health and happiness

Deep extreme self-care and excellent sleep are two of the biggest components in battling fatigue and these alone can do wonders for your quality of life.

When was the last time you celebrated your relationship with food?  It requires some serious reflection, exploration and recalibrating, but it is one that goes on to affect all your other relationships. Build your relationship with food so that it feeds the rest of your life.

What are the specific problems we are dealing with

Social connection is highly correlated with health

Your mental health is dependant on the way you think, it is encoded in your body.  Radical self-care

Eating healthy should never feel like you are sacrificing anything.  Food is the most abused anxiety drug, exercise is the most under utilised antidepressant.  My fridge and pantry are my medicine cabinet.  Food is our most basic form of self care

Wellness is not just about being sick it is about optimising your life and health on all fronts, mind, body, spirit. Building a body you love encompasses everything you eat, think and do. Being congruent in agreement and harmony with yourself.

Deal with the bigger issues first before losing weight

Life is shaped from the inside out. High Vibrational living.  You do not need to wait until you are sick to take care of your health.

Eating well is not a standard that is defined by anyone else needs.  It is about being empowered with knowledge and going easy on yourself.

Detoxing is a lot deeper than what you are eating and drinking.  It is also detoxing from gossip, relationships, social media etc

People are connected to their phones but disconnected from people.  They are not nourished with their bodies, relationships and food. The single most powerful thing a person can do to change their destiny is change what they eat


Everything we take into our bodies has a message for us.  It is not just the food you are eating it is the environment that you are assimilating.

I follow a lifestyle which I have designed myself in where I eat and drink the most energising, high vibrational, detoxifying and nurturing foods on earth.  This is in order for me to build my strongest and best ever body and mind so that I can feel truly powerful and live the life I fully deserve and want. Food isn’t just calories its information, its instruction.

Being vibrant allows you to feel your truth.  How many of us are actually FEELING? What works for you today may not work for you in the future.

Weight is not always about body weight.  It can be the way of your thinking, clutter, arguments, hostility.

Our ability to think clearly is rooted deeply in how well and strong we feel.  Exercising our minds is just as important as exercise.

I am a proud proponent of the wellness lifestyle on all levels.



Totally illuminated from within

It is not a diet, it is not a phase, it is a permanent lifestyle change.

You can eat the best foods, take the best supplements, drink the best drinks but if you are not addressing the other areas of your life, true healing and detoxification will not occur.

Are your choices supporting you or not. Every choice we make nourishes something. Our feelings become our chemistry.

High Vibe Living, happiness is a beauty treatment in itself.

In this day and age everything seems to be a buzz word and so flashy, let us get down to the basics. Being peaceful is a lifestyle.


Eating well isn’t just about what you are eating but HOW.  Most people know what to do they just aren’t doing it.

Deep long-lasting vibrancy in your life






Welcome your new life in with an open mind and an open heart.

Not only is it fundamentally important to focus on what you are going to do, remember to also focus on what you are not going to do-





By altering your consciousness and sharpening your focus on the reality that you want to create, rituals have the power to cause amazing energetic shifts.  This changes your life, body, mind, career and relationships with others

January is seen as the month to start resetting out eating and drinking habits, but I believe that in order to be of optimum health and be naturally high all year around you should start at any time and make it a part of your everyday lifestyle.  Why pay the consequences in January and set yourself up for failure in February.

When was the last time you properly sat down to eat?

Talk with your loved ones no phones, no TV, proper human connection and conversation over a beautiful homemade meal.  No matter how elaborate or simple the food is to ask yourself WHERE IS THE CONNECTION, Laughter.

Changing the way you eat is a gateway to changing so many more aspects of yourself



BEING ORGANISED this is something that just comes naturally to me but if it does not to you, do not see it as a chore.  Turn it around and see that it gives you freedom, power and control over your life.  A sense of clarity.  It is also a great antidote to stress and anxiety. Having a planned, organised approach to each day works wonders. I am old fashioned and still write lists on paper with a pen.  I will always do that, I have always done it and continue to do so.  I did a vipassana retreat many years ago and one of the teachers told us of the importance of recycling paper so any letter or paper I receive I write my lists on the back of it, it is just a habit that has been deeply instilled in me.

The way you feel about something now isn’t necessarily how you will feel about it later on under different circumstances.

To gain a calmer spirit and deep long-lasting vibrancy.

Adaptogens are plants, mushrooms and minerals that work within systems of the body to increase resistance to stress.  Unlike animals, plants can’t run from stressful situations that confront them.  Over time they evolved to create powerful chemical compounds that allow them to thrive.  These same chemical compounds can help us prevent stress-induced cellular damage.  Build your body resilience to stress and watch your energy, immunity and lustre grow.

When you have amazing sleep your logic is way more sound.






There is absolutely no reason why you cannot be healthy 365 days of the year.

Whatever the liver doesn’t want it dumps onto the kidneys and whatever the kidneys can’t handle it will dump onto the skin.

Everything falls into place when you are well rested

Check out your triggers, what triggers you on every level

Live and thrive through the power of exotic foods.  Whether you are going for peak performance or an elevated state of being

Importance of food synergy

Food combining is such a powerful system of eating.  Promotes optimal digestion, paving the way for healing and deep cellular detoxification.

Incorporate certain principles into your day to day life for optimal health and vitality

Nourishment on every level of our being

What literally FEEDS YOUR SOUL

What is with all these trends and fads.  Follow your own path.  Yes, there is a lot of great information out there but ultimately it is for you to find what works best for you.  Why just follow something if you are not going to see it through.

When dealing with people always remember to be





When an opportunity comes along the point is not necessarily whether it will lead to some major successes for you.  The point is that you will have t experience and the memory of having tried rather than the regret of just wondering what would have happened if you hadn’t; tried

POSITIVE DOING AS OPPOSED TO POSITIVE THINKING, learn by doing, by results and outcome

Be prepared be ready at all times


What is it that you truly value.  Are your life activities in complete opposition to what you truly value.

My story although personal is universal

When you feel good, you make better and more empowered choices.  Stop being at war with life.

Self Enquiry. Your energy is your most vital resource, with vital energy you can achieve all your goals

I lead a holistic and harmonious lifestyle.  It is not just about being physically nourished but also mentally and spiritually. Being outside and surrounded by nature invigorates your body as well as your mind and soul. It makes you feel grounded, rooted.

There is an overwhelming need to nurture and connect with one another to be more compassionate, genuine.  The world we are in today is so over digitalised, artificial, fake, disconnected and it is increasingly difficult for people to connect to their true being, essence and be authentic.

I aim to help you reach your true natural potential.

As consumers, we all have a choice in what to consume.  We are very lucky to live in a country which affords us so much variety.

I do not buy into the notion that organic is more expensive.  Ask yourself where are you spending your money.  Surely the money you spend on things that do not nourish and sustain you, you really could afford to purchase life-changing nourishing food.

Eating mindfully means slowing down and being thankful for the food that we are eating.

Biodynamic means LIFE FORCE.  There is a crisis on most peoples plates.

It is really very simple, in order to be well you must eat well.

I believe it is so important to put my money where my mouth is literally, by eating organic, nutritious, life-enhancing foods and beverages.

It is not just about the food you eat, but what is going on internally that matters most.

To be truly healthy is to find your personal prescription, to discover what works for you and what feels good.  What you love

Most people do not know what real health is and once you live it, taste it, breathe it, you are a whole new person.

It is not only a matter of elevating the quality of the food you consume, but it is also magazines, books, news, films a multitude of things we consume on a daily basis.

It is not just a matter of treating your body, it is imperative to treat your mind.

Self-induced stress is the number one health issue for most people, it will age you faster than anything.

I am here to support and facilitate






Stop getting ready to get ready


Author: Saskia Loorea

I help people to Look Younger, Feel Younger, Have More Energy. In a genuine and holistic way, through my 7 days of Principle. I have successfully worked as a Holistic Health Coach, Yoga instructor and a fashion consultant for the last 30 years with a longstanding clientele, not necessarily always relying on my advice but appreciating my advice. And making incredibly big transformations in their life. With the understanding that everything takes time, with patience and dedication and passion.