So let’s just get straight to it.  This week the  7 Days Of Principle is simply about sleep.  But actually, if it was that simple why is it such a complex issue for so many people.  It is such a broad issue that we will cover this today with a follow up on Saturday where I will discuss the second part and how weekends can perhaps change your sleeping patterns, or do they?

Next week I will document some further tips and advice to aid you in what is fundamentally one of the most important aspects to aid your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Sleep and the precious lack of it so many people encounter is a huge widespread problem.

Lets, face it no-one feels nice when they have had a lack of sleep.  It not only affects you personally on so many levels but the people around you.  We have all had those days where lack of sleep has turned you into someone that the next day can be unpleasant to be around.  Below, I will list 7 effects. There are obviously more but this is a good start.

7 Side effects



Can cause accidents

Problems with relationships.  Disharmony in the home and workplace

Super sensitive to anything and everything around you


A difficulty with just about anything and everything you have to do on any given day

This is just a shortened version.  The odd sleepless night is fine. Things come up in life for all of us from time to time.  Moving, relationships ending,  relationships beginning, travel, overexcitement and over stimulation can also cause a lack of sleep. But when it starts to become a recurring problem and you know this is because of the incessant awful way you navigate your life the next day, well then you know it is manifesting itself into a greater problem. With this awareness, its time to do something about it so it ultimately does not lead to a huge ongoing problem.

Of course, there are many exceptions, new mums and dads, just having an operation, the death of a loved one.  These can cause lack of sleep.  But, having a set of tools initially, gets you into the habit and awareness of when sleep eludes you.

When there are factors in your life that you can easily change with discipline, in the end, they become second nature and from that change, you will bring more clarity and peace into your life as you will feel energized and be able to tackle the days, weeks and months ahead.  

We have all been guilty of staying up too late, having that extra glass of wine, watching a whole Netflix series when we swore we would just watch 1 episode.  Checking emails, facebook, and Instagram until the early hours.  Worrying, generally about that thing or things that usually is never going to happen.  Making up stories in your head.  At least if we are going to get into the habit of making up stories, make it a good positive one. Change your thought process for mental harmony. 

There is nothing wrong with doing these things but when it disrupts into the time that you should be sleeping this can cause the issues, I mentioned earlier.  

So, for now, sweet dreams and please be sure to check out the Strategies I adopt for a peaceful sleep and peaceful life on Saturday.

Love Saskia xxx


Author: Saskia Loorea

I help people to Look Younger, Feel Younger, Have More Energy. In a genuine and holistic way, through my 7 days of Principle. I have successfully worked as a Holistic Health Coach, Yoga instructor and a fashion consultant for the last 30 years with a longstanding clientele, not necessarily always relying on my advice but appreciating my advice. And making incredibly big transformations in their life. With the understanding that everything takes time, with patience and dedication and passion.