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Marisa, Melbourne, Australia:

I’ve Known Saskia for years. Where we met in an amazing organic Wholefoods store in Melbourne. Our friendship centered around all things healthy and Wholistic, and a desire for knowledge. My husband and I were always pretty healthy, but 19 years ago ill health forced us to up the ante and seek an alternative health path. At this time there was very little information in the mainstream about the benefits of wholefoods, fairtrade, yoga, etc.. So the learning began. Saskia was also open to all these learnings and between the two of us, we embarked on a life-changing journey. Saskia’s passion for good health is something to be admired. Saskia adopts the most amazing clean lifestyle and she walks the talk. I’ve learnt so much from this amazing woman and her honesty and dedication is something to be admired. Her quest to live a healthy and meaningful life is unequivocal. She constantly explores new ideas and forms her own opinion based on extensive research and her own experience. It has been so wonderful to engage with someone who is like-minded and as passionate about good living as we are.

Saskia is knowledgeable and an incredible source of information to anyone who wants to make positive changes to their life

Tobias Henri, Melbourne, Australia:

What I found when I came to see Saskia at the clinic, is how she listens attentively and intuitively.

After suffering for many years with acne on my face and back. I found once I did the programme that was suggested it cleared up entirely. Not straight away and Saskia did mention that. Everything does take time and patience. But because I persisted with the programme once the acne had gone, it truly restored my confidence.

Frankie George, Brighton, Uk:

After a terribly painful divorce, Saskia really got me to assess how to take stock of my life.

Arabella Wainwright, Los Angeles, California, USA:

After enduring years of bullying at school, I was a complete wreck. I could not even look people in the eyes and found it so hard to communicate, on every level.

Saskia redirected patterns of my negative self-doubt.

And turned my life around being able to slowly integrate, back into the world.

Sasha Huntingdon, Sydney, Australia:

Saskia has a level of empathy, I have never known in anyone I have ever met before.

I have never felt healthier in my life, thanks to the programme she suggested for me.

Marcus Jackson, Fowey, Cornwall, UK:
After an operation which left me bed-bound for 6 months, Saskia assisted me with nutrition, and a small exercise plan to get me back on track.

Her approach and personality though very professional, are at once funny and sensitive.

Chloe Foster, Perth, Australia:
I had been suffering from anxiety and peer pressure throughout my whole teens.

Saskia’s advice and guidance got me to see that I am worthy.

And not to give in to pressure.

Cassandra Matthews, Auckland New Zealand:
After my first pregnancy, Saskia got me onto a nutrition programme. This really got me back to health after a difficult pregnancy and labour.

What I love about Saskia is her honest spiritual approach to everything she guides you with.

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