Total Freedom

It is so ironic that what you think perhaps was a loss of a perspective of freedom. Is, in essence, the most wonderful blessing. 

Wow, I am super happy with the fact that I have the where with all to see a certain situation as it is. Yet, someone who is obviously in deep pain can only project hate. 

As I said in my last post titled Resilience

I come from the place of love. 

What is working for You?

At times we see things as the worst luck or karma but in essence, if you really sit with it. Sit with the situation and observe it from a place of stillness and non-judgement. Then, you can go Wow, now I understand why this particular event happened. 

There is always a gift in our lessons. That is if you have the where with all to contextualise the event and see the real gift the universe has just given you.

The beauty of what unravels after is just sublime. But you really have to be in a place of stillness and impartiality to see it. No one can see it for you but yourself.

At times this can seem like it is the “wrong” thing to do. But in essence, there is no such thing as that.

What it is, is a deeper understanding into, what should be done next.

With a clear, mind and conscious it is only YOU, who can decide what is the next move.

Just make sure that you are always up levelling and never ever take any mind to those who want to bring you down.

Because unfortunately, they have not reached a level of Total Freedom. As they are stuck in a vicious cycle of hate and detest. That is their karma.

So, what is Total Freedom? Well, that is for you and only you to decide.

  • What makes your heart sing?
  • What are your values?
  • What is your purpose?

As Always Love Saskia xxx


Author: Saskia Loorea

I help people to Look Younger, Feel Younger, Have More Energy. In a genuine and holistic way, through my 7 days of Principle. I have successfully worked as a Holistic Health Coach, Yoga instructor and a fashion consultant for the last 30 years with a longstanding clientele, not necessarily always relying on my advice but appreciating my advice. And making incredibly big transformations in their life. With the understanding that everything takes time, with patience and dedication and passion.

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